A renewable energy resource is one that is being (or can be) replenished as it is used.

A reliable resource is one which can always be used. Fossil Fuels are reliable. The Sun is unreliable.

The uses of energy resources include: transport, electricity generation and heating.

The main energy resources available for use on Earth include:

Fossil Fuels (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas)

Nuclear Fuel





The Tides

Water Waves

The Sun

Question: Describe the environmental advantages and disadvantages of using wind turbines to generate electricity in the UK. (4 marks)

Question: Give one advantage and one disadvantage of using nuclear power stations rather than gas-fired power stations to generate electricity. (2 marks)

Question: Explain one effect that burning fossil fuels has on the environment. (2 marks)

Electricity Demand

There are times across a day that we use more electricity; the demand for electricity varies.

We might used more electricity:

  • When we get home from school and put the TV/toaster/kettle on
  • In the morning when we have just woken up and need to use lights & heating
  • In the winter when it gets dark earlier
Graph showing how demand for energy resources changes over 24 hours
Variation between demand in summer and winter over 24 hours
Graph showing how demand for energy resources changes during a football match
On 29 June 2021 there was a big England v Germany football match. The white line shows the variation in electricity demand during the match.