I am a published author.

Wow, I never thought I would write that sentence. Drawing attention to myself has always been something I have avoided. Now I have to tell people about it 😱

You may wonder why I published anything, if I am so reluctant to advertise my involvement in it. I shall attempt to explain myself.

Changing Workload Patterns

Being a science teacher I thought it was time for an experiment. I decided I was going to find a way to take less work home with me. Yes… I like a challenge.

One of the first changes I made was starting to do my detailed lesson planning at school. I had always done my ‘big picture’ planning at school, because it made putting my orders in to the technicians for the next week easier. If I needed advice from them, or to know what equipment would be available then I could just ask.

Fairly quickly I found a problem. All my planning resources are kept at home, so when I needed to quickly think up a starter or plenary activity I could not just flick through my stash.

Addressing the Problem

Wouldn’t it be simple if I could swiftly access ideas on my phone. So that is what I did. Two books, each with fast inspiration to speed up the lesson planning process. They are not in-depth studies into the benefits of starters and plenaries. They are simply a digital handbook you can virtually flip through to help you out when your brain is too tired to function.

You can download them on the iBooks and Kindle platforms.


Two books to help you speed up lesson planning – for all subjects, on your phone!
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