Physics ‘Who Wins?’ Card Game Pack (GCSE)


Printable Physics ‘Who Wins?’ Card Game Pack (2018 spec GCSE)

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Every body loves a game of ‘Who Wins?’. With this pack of 8 different sets, your students will be getting competitive all over your classroom!

All written for the new 2018 specification GCSEs, Suitable for all exam boards.

Topics Included are:

Atomic Structure & Isotopes – identify isotopes, draw atoms from data

Waves – draw waves, calculate speed, frequency and time-period

Energy & Momentum – kinetic energy, Gravitational potential energy and momentum of objects

Specific and Latent Heat – calculate temperature and energy changes when heating, cooling and changing state

Transformers – use the transformer equation for number of turns, voltage and current

Electrical Components & Calculations – draw circuit symbols, calculate current, resistance, potential difference and power

Distance-Time Graphs – work out average and maximum speeds

Velocity-Time Graphs – calculate acceleration, deceleration and distance travelled

Physics ‘Who Wins?’ Card Game Pack (GCSE)