The first week with my MacBook….

Somehow I have made it to my fifth decade having lived my life without ever having used a Mac. However, circumstances led me down the path to the Apple Store and my eagerly anticipated new toy arrived on Monday lunchtime.

Everyone I know who uses a Mac (there are three of them…) said they are awesome, intuitive and generally the bestest things ever.

So far I have had to google:

  • How do I click the mouse without a button
  • How do I scroll down a page with the trackpad
  • How do I right click the trackpad
  • How do I get a hash symbol to appear
  • How do I cut and paste without a mouse button
  • How do I undo the last thing I did

I feel like someone has just put me in front of a year 13 Biology class and told me to teach them. I can teach, but not A-Level Biology. The Mac is like that. It is not like learning to teach all over again, but it is like having to assimilate a whole new specification and deliver it instantly. I feel like I have moved back to square-one in my subject knowledge and it has rocked my confidence. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I don’t – quite.

This experience has reminded me what our students go through every time they are introduced to a new concept, especially one that challenges their existing views. We, as teachers, take for granted the knowledge and understanding we have. It can be easy to forget that for some students what we are telling them is new and uncomfortable. Change has to be accepted slowly in order to become firmly embedded within us.

School life is lived at a hectic pace as we move through the demands of the curriculum. This week has shown me how important it is to give students calm, quiet time to accept and adopt new ideas.

Now, where is the save-as button on this thing …

What a new computer reminded me about my students
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